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"Christina is wonderful, kind, creative and hardworking. Her strength is connection people, and creating original content from writing blogs to her podcast. She is adamant about helping women and promoting writers. I recommend her for any of your business or content needs "

Anahita Namavar
YouTuber, Writer & Real Estate Professional

Podcast Guesting

Booked for a podcast? Have something to say but not sure if the message is resonating, then let's fine tune it. You won't sound boring, you just need to be focused on having interesting conversations 

Own Your Meetings

Second guessing yourself in a meeting, having to deliver difficult information, or afraid of intimidating colleagues, let me show you how to own your meetings, even on Zoom

Lead Your Teams

If your teams aren't responding or following through on their tasks, then it's time to change our approach with our Jefa tips. 

Booked, Now What?

Learn how to prepare for your podcast guest appearance with our pre-show essentials videos


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