Andrew Yang: MATH, Mindset and a Movement of Radical Change

MacArthur Park, a place I once knew as gangster’s paradise in the ‘90s, is transformed with a sea of blue MATH signs, hand painted Andrew Yang art (even graffiti art), with MC Jin’s Yang-inspired anthem pumping up the crowd to spread his message that has been catching fire all year. 

I’m not surprised that a REAL entrepreneur could grow rapidly, entrepreneurs know how to market, brand themselves, problem solve and get people on board with their vision. 

Watching his campaign grow is my nightly obsession, instead of binge watching a Netflix series I am searching Paget Kagy or Problem Solver Politics YouTube videos before bed, wondering what the next hashtag or call-to-action will be for the Yang Gang. 

As a single mom, writer, entrepreneur, podcast host, and a voice for women, I have to share why his policies and leadership is important now more than ever: 

Welfare is an AWFUL System 

I applied for food stamps SEVEN...

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