What I Wish I Knew as a Teen Mom

teen mom Aug 13, 2019

I forgot what it was like to push a double stroller with a diaper bag stuffed under the carriage, while having to prop the door open with my foot and swivel the stroller through a narrow door.

My kids are now young adults, ready to leave for college, and while I was waiting my turn to speak on the panel at the Embrace Her! Event by Generation Her, seeing young faces with toddlers hanging off their arms took me back to my early days of motherhood, surrounded by other teen moms while living near Fort Hood, Texas as we thought of what life would be like once the Army wifey days were over.

At the event, the young moms asked me the same questions I had when I was their age:

“Should I go to school when I can’t afford daycare?”

“How can I get approved for Medi-Cal when my boyfriend makes too much money?”

“How can I not compare myself to the other influencers on Instagram?” (in my day, it was a music video, or magazine)

Now that my kids are...

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