Why You Need to Stop Toughing Out Verbal Abuse at Work and with Clients

I had the pleasure of meeting leaders in the anti-bullying movement this year, and instead of just walking away from a client that I really loved and was passionate about their mission, I decided to stay and this time take a stand against a verbally abusive bully.

And yes, I put myself in jeopardy with this client. But I was managing a team and this bully was affecting them, making them scared to speak up in meetings and the ideas stopped coming. If we were going to keep serving the customers in the best possible way, we had to remove this behavior.

Verbal Abuse Starts Small

Just like any abusive situation, it starts so small that it is barely noticable, and we like to think our minds are overreacting, but really it’s our intuition talking. Don’t ignore that subtle passive comment. It will only be followed by that demeaning remark disguised as a joke later. Hiding needed materials and processes so they can maintain control and meddle, positioning themselves as...

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